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Custom Facebook Tabs switch to Timeline Apps

With the transition of Facebook pages to the timeline format, the default landing tab feature is gone, meaning if we want people to land on our “Welcome tab”, they’d have to do so via direct URL or paid ads. BUT on a good note, there is more real estate for these applications now, so we can create more neat stuff and get creative with opt-in, give aways and more. Time to get creative and wear our thinking hats.

Engagement equals more traffic

Have you ever seen a page with a good amount of “likers” but with 0 engagement? They are out there! Going by Facebook’s algorithm’s, we know that people who engage with a particular page will receive that page’s posts on their news-feeds. The percentage of fans who visit an actual facebook page is minimal, they engage and get their updates on newsfeeds. Brands need to strategize and create more fan involvement. The more fans engage, the more reach they have on news feeds, the more traffic they receive to their Facebook page, the more traffic to the website.

Are you engaging people with your posts? People respond to questions, not to a post without a call to action — “what do you think of this?” “is this a good move?” “do you agree or disagree?” are just a few examples. Once the engagement is there, you can use the “Ask a question” feature on posts (a poll in a nutshell) and see how that converts with your particular niche (it works really well in some niches).

Lastly, content that goes viral will catapult your fan engagement as well as give you more “Likers” to the page, Humor works best!

– Funny images related to your niche get Facebook shared and re-tweeted at will to hundreds/thousands! (Make sure URLs are always present in the description)
– Inspirational pictures are good also, funny converts better though.
– Video works well too! but pictures tend to go viral faster (most people don’t open videos at work)

Remember, people respond to creative, unique, and original – have a voice for your brand, and be consistent with it.

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No Spanish knowledge is required to enjoy this one.  Some feelings are just universal.

The situation was one of Argentina’s most famous and successful teams, River Plate, being relegated to the “B” division for the first time in their history.  Tano Pasman, “un hombre pacífico” (a peaceful man), watched the 90 minute execution of the first of two games in agony and pain.

The family never intended for this video to go viral, or be posted on the Internet.  They just wanted to show Pasman how he reacted when his beloved River Plate played.  A friend of the family saw the video, and had no second thoughts about posting it on YouTube.

The video was filmed during game 1 which had River Plate lose 2-0.   The demand was so high to see the man’s reaction to game 2, but the family regreted to inform that a second video was never made.  River Plate drew game 2 and was relagated.

One can only beging to imagine how much more intense a second video would have been.

Please be advised, there is strong language.

YouTube Preview Image

The original video has almost 6,000,000 hits on YouTube, but here is the version with English subtitles instead.

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Introducing The “+1” Button From Google (VIDEO)

March 30, 2011

The “+1” button is a shorthand for “this is pretty cool” or “you should check this out.” Click “+1” to publicly give something your stamp of approval. Your “+1’s” can help friends, contacts and others find the best stuff when they search.

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UFC Utilizing Facebook To Stream Live Events

February 28, 2011

The Ultimate Fighting Championships (UFC) have more than embraced social networking as a way to interact with fans and broaden the reach of the sport. UFC president, Dana White has over 1.2 million followers on Twitter and constantly tweeting updates and contests. Now the UFC is utilizing Facebook to stream preliminary fights for free. According […]

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Father Gives His Nephew An Old School Ass Whooping For Acting Hard On Facebook (VIDEO)

January 7, 2011

Father Gives His Nephew An Old School Ass Whooping For Acting Hard On Facebook and then is forced to post the video on his wall! Don’t forget to leave your feedback below!

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The Admin Area For Facebook ‘Like’ Pages Have Changed – Learn And Get Caught Up! (VIDEO)

November 17, 2010

The Admin area for Facebook ‘Like’ Pages have changed. Learn how to: Increase engagement by changing the default wall setting Get more fans by changing your default landing page Find the new location of sending an update Upload a video and photo to your fan page from your mobile phone Check and use new spam […]

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How To Add A Video To Your LinkedIn Profile (VIDEO)

November 8, 2010

The following tutorial created by Reel Social Media and it will show you how to add a video to your LinkedIn profile. 1) Add Google Presentations To Your Profile Scroll down and add Google Presentations to your profile. 2) Create A Google Presentation If you don’t already have a presentation, then click “Create a Presentation”. 3) […]

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UFC President Dana White Explains The Power Of Twitter (VIDEO)

August 17, 2010

Ever wonder why The Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) president Dana White spends so much time on Twitter?

During a guest appearance on NBC’s “Late Night with Jimmy Fallon,” the UFC’s head honcho explained “the power or Twitter.”

White, who has more than 1 million people following his account, is famous for giving away UFC tickets and merchandise, “Tweeting” breaking news, and interacting (and sometimes blasting) fans on his account. He even Tweets from cageside during events.

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‘The Social Network’ Movie Trailer (VIDEO)

August 16, 2010

The Social Network is an upcoming 2010 drama film directed by David Fincher about the founding of Facebook.

The Social Network film features an ensemble cast which consists of Jesse Eisenberg, Andrew Garfield, Justin Timberlake, Brenda Song, Rashida Jones, Max Minghella, Rooney Mara, Malese Jow, and Joseph Mazzello.

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The UFC Ranks Second Among Facebook Followers

July 12, 2010

Mixed martial arts (MMA) might not be a major-league sport yet among the general populace, but the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) outstrips most big sports in capturing the loyalty of the Facebook generation.

The UFC has a bigger online footprint than most sports organizations.

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