Digital Business Cards Have 50 Times The Response Rate!

by Alex on April 28, 2010

Chris Record

Guest Author: Chris Record – Social Networker, Direct Sales Coach, Real Estate Investor

Answer this question seriously. If you pass out 100 business cards, how many responses do you end up getting? 1%? 5%? 10%?

I bet most of you get no more than a 1% response rate from your business cards yet we all use them every single day. I would propose to you that the traditional business card model is outdated and is not effective.

About 6 months ago I switched from regular business cards to digital business cards and I watched my response rate from prospective clients jump by over 50x!!!

I use the IPhone as my phone/PDA, and it has a cool notepad feature that allows me to type up notes and then email them to people. I decided to create a “digital business card note” and then everytime someone asks me for my business card, I tell them I have a digital business card and pull out my phone, ask them for their email address, and then send them the note.

The note includes all of my contact information and a paragraph asking them to reply to the email with their contact information as well to let me know that they received mine. What I love about using digital business cards is that I am automatically “following up” with my prospect, which was one of my weaknesses, because when they get home there is an email from me sitting in their inbox! Not to mention that digital business cards are FREE!

Another thing that I did was created a filter in my gmail account that organizes all of the digital business cards that I have ever sent out. This allows me to track all of their emails as well so that I can stay in touch with them or add them to a mailing list of some kind. It also allows me to see how many of my sent emails were directly responded to. I am pleased to announce that I currently have a 70% response rate to my new business cards! I love how technology helps to simplify our lives!







Another cool benefit is that you can log into your email client and you will have a record of everyone you have ever given your business card to!  I use Gmail and I simply do a search for sent messages that say “Digital Business Card from Chris Record”.  It gets even better though, because not only do I have an email database of everyone I have ever exchanged contact info with, but I can also identify which ones responded and which ones didn’t.  I can simply reply to the email I sent and remind them to respond with their contact information so that I have it on file.  The last time I did this I improved my response rate to well over 70%.  This is flat out one of the most effective strategies that an entrepreneur can use to get greater results.

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I want to thank Chris Record for this awesome article.  I implemented this tool last weekend over a conference, I couldn’t begin to tell you how many responses I received from them.  If you are looking to build a data base of leads and contacts, this is one awesome way to do just that.

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  • Vinnie V

    Alex, what a great idea. I need to do this asap. Thanks to both you and Chris for sharing this strategy.

    Have a great one bud!

    -vinnie v-


  • Alex

    Thanks Vinnie.. I am glad you enjoyed the article.. Let me know your response rate after you apply this strategy


  • Taylor

    Awesome strategy! I will also implement this one with my current strategy when connecting online with new Facebook friends.

  • Data Recovery

    Yes, I switched to iPhone from Nokia mini white but unfortunately, It doesn't support barcode scanning like nokia mini… do you have any help on this?

  • alex

    Honestly I've never owned an Iphone, I Droid it out :)

  • Marc

    I love this idea! I think it can be improved slightly by adding personal codes at the end of the message to ease searching. At the least, you can add #DBC at the end to search all messages. You can also rate contacts for sales potential or relationship status by adding something like #DBC-1, #DBC-2, or #DBC-A, etc for rating purposes.

  • Marc

    Love the idea of Digital Business Cards

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