Elderly Man’s Reaction To Soccer Game Goes Viral (VIDEO)

by Alex on July 19, 2011

No Spanish knowledge is required to enjoy this one.  Some feelings are just universal.

The situation was one of Argentina’s most famous and successful teams, River Plate, being relegated to the “B” division for the first time in their history.  Tano Pasman, “un hombre pacífico” (a peaceful man), watched the 90 minute execution of the first of two games in agony and pain.

The family never intended for this video to go viral, or be posted on the Internet.  They just wanted to show Pasman how he reacted when his beloved River Plate played.  A friend of the family saw the video, and had no second thoughts about posting it on YouTube.

The video was filmed during game 1 which had River Plate lose 2-0.   The demand was so high to see the man’s reaction to game 2, but the family regreted to inform that a second video was never made.  River Plate drew game 2 and was relagated.

One can only beging to imagine how much more intense a second video would have been.

Please be advised, there is strong language.

YouTube Preview Image

The original video has almost 6,000,000 hits on YouTube, but here is the version with English subtitles instead.

Leave your thoughts as always..

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