Facebook And Twitter: How Smart Restaurants And Bars Are Implementing Social Media

by Alex on January 21, 2010


My friend received a Face­book mes­sage a few days before her Birthday which read:

“Hi there, how are you?  First of all, let me wish you a Happy Birth­day in advance!

My name is Lauren, mar­ket­ing liai­son for (insert name of establishment) and I noticed that your birthday is rapidly approaching.  In light of that, I’d like to offer my ser­vices and assist you in throwing a mem­o­rable party on your spe­cial day.”

The message entailed why (insert name of establishment) would be the perfect birthday venue.  They were also able to offer my friend a variety of discounts on food and drinks to target her desires and needs on such a special occasion.

The Facebook mes­sage was a brilliant marketing concept.  My friend did not know Lauren, but found the message com­pelling and considered host­ing her birth­day at his represented establishment.

So what was (insert name of establishment) doing?  It seemed they stum­bled upon an innovative and clever way to use Face­book for marketing.


taos banner

Many more venues are looking to experiment with Twitter Marketing in 2010.

While it has been a busy and somewhat convoluted playing field, one marketer noted that his Social Network guest lists have the highest rate of return (people accepting to attend the event).  Why is this?  Social Media allows you to have that one on one interaction with the people following you, thus giving and allowing you to receive feedback and build positive rapport.

Venues are becoming more creative and innovative about how they use Social Media Marketing tools within their space.  For example, Tao’s in Vegas held a “Tweasure Hunt” where clues were tweeted during a real time treasure hunt.  Not only did this concept allow Tao’s to add thousands for followers to their Twitter page, but it allowed bar goers to become interactive with the venue while the winner took home a $5,000 prize.

So what are Facebook and Twitter ultimately doing for your establishment?  They are building you a database of followers, birth dates, and people within your geographical region.  Creating a data base now allows you interact with your followers, celebrate birthdays with them, invite them to an event, and/or invite them to bring additional followers to your marketing list.

Imagine all this potential and customer data in the hands of a savvy marketing team.  This is just a peek of what the Resolution Team can do for you.

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