How To Add A Video To Your LinkedIn Profile (VIDEO)

by Alex on November 8, 2010

The following tutorial created by Reel Social Media and it will show you how to add a video to your LinkedIn profile.

YouTube Preview Image

1) Add Google Presentations To Your Profile
Scroll down and add Google Presentations to your profile.

2) Create A Google Presentation
If you don’t already have a presentation, then click “Create a Presentation”.

3) Insert Video
Once you have your first slide, click Insert video. You’ll get a YouTube search window. Find a video you’d like to add and then select it. Scale the video to the right size to fit your presentation.

4) Insert a link
Click on the “Text” button and add the text you want to add. Click the “Link” button and add your URL to the link.

5) Share Your Presentation
Click on the “Share” button and choose “Share” or “Embed”. This allows LinkedIn to see your presentations.

6) Select Your Presentation
Select your presentation from the screen on the left.

7) Post To Your Profile
Click “Post To Your Profile”.

And you’re done!

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