Nelson Mandela Short Documentary (Espy Awards)

by Alex on January 18, 2010

A short documentary for the ESPN Espy awards.  The Arthur Ashe Award for Courage was presented to Nelson Mandela, and his work to unite his country through love of sport.  I just had to share this with you guys.  Please Share…

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  • Addis876

    Nelson Mandella is the right choice same as Tewolde was the right choice to be chosen CEO of the year by the African CEO's forum despite what some diaspora G7 says.Since EAL'S CEO Tewolde is the one inside the Ethiopia facing all the problems and leading the organization to further growth in the midst of all that bringing EAL into the light.The CEO forum of Africa wants Ethiopian Airlines to succeed since Ethiopia is part of Africa. The forum would not name Tewolde the best CEO just to harm the Ethiopian Airlines like some diaspora G7 said they did. If Tewolde was harmful CEO to EAL  the forum  would have given him the least prize and give the Ethiopian people a tip to find a better CEO but they didn't infact it was quiet the opposite.since EAL is the pride of not only Ethiopia's but Africa's as a whole too.

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