June 18, 2010

We had posted an article on the site a few months ago called ‘Highschool Senior Uses Youtube To Land Prom Date With Celebrity” After some tremendous feed back we decided to follow up with Conner Cordova to ask him some questions regarding prom, Arianny, and also to get his thoughts on UFC 115 ‘Liddell vs Franklin’

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I’m On A Mac (I’m On A Boat Spoof) VIDEO

May 26, 2010

The Pantless Knights are at it again with a sequel to our “Mac or PC Rap.” This time we’re spoofing the Lonely Island / SNL skit “I’m on a Boat” with a Mac fanboy’s anthem about Apple culture and products. Source: Switchtomac.com After seeing this video I must admit that I want to get a Mac! […]

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Nike Campaign for World Cup 2010 (Video)

May 21, 2010

New Nike Campaign for World Cup 2010. This has to be one of the best commercials ever.. Lets see if you can spot Facebook’s ‘Like’ feature and Kobe Bryant’s impersonation of Ronaldihno.

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HOW TO: Land Your Dream Job Using Google AdWords

May 17, 2010

Meet Alec Brownstein, senior copywriter at creative advertising shop Young & Rubicam (Y&R) New York. Last summer, Alec was just another tired, 28-year-old copywriter at a large international ad agency who wanted nothing more than to work at “a really creative shop for really creative directors.

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World Cup 2010 Will Set Social Media Records

May 14, 2010

Do you remember social media at World Cup 2006? We had YouTube, sure, but the videos were a bit blocky. Twitter didn’t properly launch until July 2006 and Facebook wasn’t opened to the general public until that September. So basically social media just missed World Cup 2006. Now it rules the world. Every website has […]

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MMAResolutions.com – The Launch

May 12, 2010

I can’t deny the fact that I am a huge sports junkie! Over the last 3-4 years Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) has become one of my favorite sports (to watch). So after getting a lot of feedback predominantly stating “You should start your on MMA site” MMAresolutions.com was born.

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Digital Business Cards Have 50 Times The Response Rate!

April 28, 2010

Answer this question seriously. If you pass out 100 business cards, how many responses do you end up getting? 1%? 5%? 10%? About 6 months ago I switched from regular business cards to digital business cards and I watched my response rate from prospective clients jump by over 50x!!!

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Scarface Children’s Play – Viral in 2 days!

April 3, 2010

I ran into this video a few minutes ago. It amazed me that after 3 days of being launched a children’s Scarface play had close to 2.5 million views! This is really a must see!

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Social Media For Restaurants And Bars

April 2, 2010

Using social media for restaurants and bars. Why are some establishments more successful than others? They engage and interacts with their guests. Social Networks can open you up to a whole new market, as well as converting existing clientele into regulars.

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High School Senior Uses YouTube To Land Prom Date With Celebrity

March 18, 2010

In a move sure to inspire hundreds, 18 year old Dakota Ridge High School senior Conner Cordova used a series of YouTube videos to get UFC Octagon Girl and Maxim model Arianny Celeste to go to the prom with him.

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