Reach out to more potential customers – See what works

by Alex on May 1, 2012

Reach out to more potential customers

Custom Facebook Tabs switch to Timeline Apps

With the transition of Facebook pages to the timeline format, the default landing tab feature is gone, meaning if we want people to land on our “Welcome tab”, they’d have to do so via direct URL or paid ads. BUT on a good note, there is more real estate for these applications now, so we can create more neat stuff and get creative with opt-in, give aways and more. Time to get creative and wear our thinking hats.

Engagement equals more traffic

Have you ever seen a page with a good amount of “likers” but with 0 engagement? They are out there! Going by Facebook’s algorithm’s, we know that people who engage with a particular page will receive that page’s posts on their news-feeds. The percentage of fans who visit an actual facebook page is minimal, they engage and get their updates on newsfeeds. Brands need to strategize and create more fan involvement. The more fans engage, the more reach they have on news feeds, the more traffic they receive to their Facebook page, the more traffic to the website.

Are you engaging people with your posts? People respond to questions, not to a post without a call to action — “what do you think of this?” “is this a good move?” “do you agree or disagree?” are just a few examples. Once the engagement is there, you can use the “Ask a question” feature on posts (a poll in a nutshell) and see how that converts with your particular niche (it works really well in some niches).

Lastly, content that goes viral will catapult your fan engagement as well as give you more “Likers” to the page, Humor works best!

– Funny images related to your niche get Facebook shared and re-tweeted at will to hundreds/thousands! (Make sure URLs are always present in the description)
– Inspirational pictures are good also, funny converts better though.
– Video works well too! but pictures tend to go viral faster (most people don’t open videos at work)

Remember, people respond to creative, unique, and original – have a voice for your brand, and be consistent with it.

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