The Resolutions Team

Alex Lopez

Social Media Strategist, Coach, Community Building, Market Expansion

Alex attended Radford University graduating in Finance and Accounting.  Upon graduation, Alex began working in sales for both the corporate and private levels.  When discovering the endless possibilities available for him outside of Corporate America, he pursued entrepreneurship in Real Estate.  Although he is still an active investor, Social Media quickly became his obsession.  Since then he has worked to market and strategize a social media platform that will revolutionize traditional marketing.

Lauren Wolfe

Social Media Strategist, Blogger, Association and Non-Profit Activist, Digital Identity

Lauren attended Susquehanna University graduating in Public Relations and Art.  Years of hard work and sacrifice enabled Lauren to become the Director of Marketing for a Public Relations firm in Arlington, VA.  Lauren’s devotion wasn’t short noticed as she soon became a fundamental piece of The American Society of Association Executives (ASAE) and The Center of Young Professionals.  Her passion for Social Media Marketing and her passion for helping others, along years of experience make her one of the top strategists in the DC metro region.

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