What Is SKYPE And What Can It Do For My Business?

by Alex on January 17, 2010

What is Skype, how does it work, and why should you use it for your home based business? These are all very common question and with 443 million accounts on Skype many people have already started using it for their home based business. So why should you join the masses and start to use Skype? Well that’s what we are going to cover, the top 8 reason why you should use Skype.

Ok some people might not know what Skype is so in as few words as possible Skype is a software application that allows users to make voice calls over the Internet. Now it has many more features then that but, that’s the main one. I will be talking about many of its features in the reasons to use Skype.

Reason 1: Skype is free! If you want to talk to other Skype accounts. That’s right if you want to talk to the other 443 million people who use Skype you can do it for free. All you need is to download Skype and have a microphone to use.

Reason 2: Skype low cost to call around the world. Now if you find yourself having to make a lot of calls world wide do to your business, Skype will let you buy Unlimited World for $9.95/month. Since I have many business partners and team members around the world I personally use this service from Skype.
Many cell phone providers are going to be way more expensive then Skype (I know mine is) But, check to see if you plan on using your cell phone as your business phone.

Reason 3: Getting A Business Phone Number. I personal have a online phone number that I use for my business line. It works out great. My calls come into my computer in my home office and I don’t give out my personal phone number. This really helps me to separate my personal and business life. there is a fee to get a online phone number I pay $12.00 every 3 months.

Reason 4: Skype Groups. In Skype you have the ability to form groups. These groups are chat rooms and you can make them public or private. Groups are perfect for building your team and helping your business partners out. It’s a great place to get questions ask and answered in a timely manner.

Reason 5: Skype Video. If you have a web cam you can setup video chat. You can talk to your team and leads by using video. This making a more personally connection with the people with whom you are working with that you have never meet in person.

Reason 6: Skype On The Go. You now can use Skype on some mobile phones so you can always be in connected with your business contacts even when you find yourself out of your home office.

Reason 7: You Can use Skype on other WebPages. You can integrate Skype with many of your social web sites. I personal have a Skype link on my Facebook, DirectMatches, and Blog WebPages this making it more easier for potential business partners to contact me.

Reason 8: Voicemail. If you have Skype’s Unlimited Worldwide package you also get to have voicemail. Having a separate voicemail for your home based business is a must. It shows you are more professional and helps keep everything separate.

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